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    Therapy Session

    Getting Started

    Please contact me via the online booking system or send me an email for an initial conversation. It is helpful to suggest times for a phone or video call when you will have enough privacy to briefly discuss the issues you hope to work on in therapy. I usually call back within 24-48 hours. No assessment or therapeutic services will be done on this call. It is just an opportunity for us to figure out when we should set up an initial appointment. We will talk about the issues you are seeking help with; you can ask me questions about my approach, and we will determine whether we might work well together.

    Scheduling sessions

    You can book a session via the online booking system or send me an email. Sessions are face to face at my home office in Dubai or via Zoom meetings platform. I do not provide phone or email counseling.

    Individual sessions are with duration 1:15 hour.

    Couples and multiple-partner sessions are with a duration of 1:00 hours.


    Missed and canceled sessions pose issues for both of us. Therapy can be challenging, and when a client hits a problematic place, it can feel more comfortable to avoid coming into treatment. It’s essential to face this challenge and discuss it with me, instead of canceling the sessions. Also, I hold your planned appointment time specifically for you and you alone. It is an inconvenience for me to fill your last-minute canceled appointment on short notice.

    Canceling a session requires 48 hours notice; if you fail to cancel on time, I reserve the right to implement the following charges:

    Less than 48-hour notice given, 50% of the cost of the session.

    Less than 24-hour notice given or client missed appointment – the full cost of the session.


    Payment via cash, bank transfer or online.

    After the first session, you can decide to purchase a package or prefer to pay for individual sessions.


    Rate per session: AED 450.00    Duration: 1:15 hour

    Couples / Multiple-partners

    Rate per session: AED 500.00    Duration: 1:00 hour

    Individuals Package Sessions:

    Package of 4 sessions rate: AED 1700.00

    Package of 6 sessions rate: AED 2100.00

    Package of 10 sessions rate: AED 3000.00

    Couples/ Multiple Partners Package Sessions:

    Package of 4 sessions rate: AED 1900.00

    Package of 6 sessions rate: AED 2700.00

    Package of 10 sessions rate: AED 4000.00

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