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3 years ago · · Comments Off on How to Find an Effective Therapist?

How to Find an Effective Therapist?

What are the most common myths, and what qualities should you look for.

Therapy helps millions of people around the world to cope and to improve the quality of their lives. But finding a good therapist can be tricky. Especially if a person is doing it for the first time.

How can someone tell if the therapist they’ve approached will be effective and help them?

Before describing the qualities of a good therapist, I want to mention few myths, which people still believe about psychologists, therapists, or counselors.

  1. Myth: “My therapist use only orthodox, scientifically approved techniques.” Many people think that if a particular psychological school or technique has been around for a long time, it is definitely effective. But psychotherapy is not an exact science like medicine or math, so when a therapist uses only “science techniques,” it doesn’t mean that they are effective.

2. Myth: “My therapist is a published author. They’ve written many books on psychology or counseling”. Writing books and doing empirical research is essential, but just because someone is an abundant writer doesn’t mean that they can be an efficient therapist.

3. Myth: “My therapist has a doctoral degree, so they should be good”. Of course, degrees and credentials are important, but many counselors and therapists don’t have them, yet they are highly effective. A flashy diploma on the wall is not the best way to select a good therapist.

As I mentioned above, psychotherapy is not an exact science. It is an interpersonal process of building trust, developing client-counselor relationships, and providing a safe space to address very personal problems.

So how to select an effective therapist?


Look for some of the following qualities in your potential therapist: 

  • An effective therapist is a knowledgeable, caring, and empathetic person who understands that successful psychotherapy is first and foremost a kind and trusting relationship between client and therapist.
  • An effective therapist is sensitive to their client’s suffering. They listen to understand, show empathy and acceptance.
  • An effective therapist starts by focusing on the client’s personal and cultural needs to decide the best therapeutic approach.
  • An effective therapist is always client-centered. They continuously gather information and feedback from the client to determine if their approach meets the client’s needs. 
  • An effective therapist is culturally and socially aware of their client’s background. They know that there isn’t a “one fits all” solution and are always open to learning from their clients. They realize that the client’s own potential is the driving power behind a successful therapy.

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