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Gender Identity Issues and Alternative Sexuality Affirmative Therapy

Gender Identity Issues and Alternative Lifestyle Affirmative Therapy


All people are created equal and deserve appropriate therapy without prejudice on how they identify or who they love.

I am aware of the dark history of cultural and social bias people with alternative sexual orientation have faced.

As an alternative sexuality aware therapist, I will not assume that the issue you are having is caused by your sexual orientation, gender identity, or alternative sexuality practices. Different people have different relationship goals to satisfy their needs and I will help you understand and navigate the terms of your relationship goals.

Different couples have different types of relationship dynamics.

I will not think that you are abused if you are in an atypical (authority exchange dynamic) relationship. If you have experienced abuse or non-consensual interactions in a power exchange relationship, I can help you process and understand that. As an alternative-sexuality aware therapist, I understand that fantasies, sexual interests, relationships, and/or identities, by themselves, do not indicate the presence of psychopathology, a mental disorder, or the inability to control your behavior.