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    Code of Ethics

    Galya Counselling Professional Code of Ethics

    • Provide service within the boundaries of my knowledge and competence.
    • Safeguard client dignity and wellbeing, avoiding them harm.
    • Honor the client’s right to confidentiality and privacy.
    • Working with the client to determine goals and objectives based on their concept and visualization, maintaining objectivity and fairness.
    • Recognizing diversity and being aware of the client’s socio-cultural influences.
    • Explain how a counseling relationship works and obtain informed consent from the client.
    • Maintain self-awareness for any personal biases and countertransference.
    • Establish and maintain personal boundaries with the client.
    • Any sexual/ romantic/ business relationship with present and past clients and their respective spouses and partners are prohibited.
    • In case of consultation and/ or supervision, the only information shared in a consulting relationship is discussed for professional purposes.
    • In counseling couples or families, all expectations and limitations of confidentiality are discussed prior, and fairness is maintained with all involved parties.

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